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Should I get an acrylic signage for my wedding?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Getting a little tired of the usual wedding posters? It's no wonder so many soon-to-wed couples these days are opting for acrylic signages instead. But is acrylic signage suitable for you? Here are four questions you should ask before getting one.

1. Do I want to keep the signage after the wedding?

Acrylic signage is the perfect wedding keepsake that can be reuse as a home decoration in your new abode. They don't wear out easily and it's easy to clean. Plus, it's a timeless piece that can complement any home decor theme.

But if you are looking at one-time use only, you might want to consider kapaline posters instead for practicality and economical sense.

2. Where will the signage be placed?

This determines how big the signage should be. If you are looking for a welcome signage to place at your reception entrance, it's recommended to get at least an A2 size and above. For table decorations, A3 size will be great as a tablepiece.

3. How will the signage be displayed?

Next, consider how you will want to hold up the acrylic signage. Will you be using an easel? Placing it on a table or chair? As acrylic signages are heavier than kapaline boards, it's important to think about the medium that you will use to hold the signage.

4. Is there a suitable backdrop for the signage?

"Where is a good spot to place my acrylic signage?", is a frequently asked question by many.

Because of its translucence nature, acrylic signages can be hard to read. Hence, putting it at a spot where there is a consistent backdrop will allow your guests to see the wordings properly.

If possible, avoid placing your signage under strong light as it will "mask" the wordings, making it difficult to read.

Alternatively, you can also consider water-colour designs for your acrylic signage. Having a watercolour base adds both colour and contrast to your transparent board and enhances its legibility.

Where can I get an Acrylic Wedding Signage?

Here at Signed, we offer two sizes for acrylic signages. Our 18x24 inch acrylic signage is a popular size for reception entrances, while our A3 acrylic is the ideal accessory for a table decoration.

To order an acrylic signage from Signed, simply place an order online. In the free text box, remember to input your wedding details like bride & groom's names, wedding date, and any other wording or quotes you would like to be included. We can even add small design elements to the signage without additional costs to match your wedding theme!

Without a doubt, acrylic signages are definitely one of the hottest wedding deco trends right now. If you are thinking of getting one for your wedding, let us know :)

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