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Baby Shower animate E-vites now available!

Are you a Millennial or Gen Z couple who supports the reduce of paper material usage? As current occupants of Mother Earth, we all want to leave a planet that's sustainable for our next generation. But what can we do to support that movement?

Enter our brand new digital invites: Eco-friendly and beautiful to look at, our animated e-vites are bound to impress like-minded guests.

We've been testing a few design templates for this initiative and for now, we've created two new animated e-vites that's suitable for baby showers and children birthdays. Check out the video below to see the animation.

And guess what? We even have matching posters to go with every e-vite to complete the decor experience!

How about weddings? Don't fret! We will able to reformat our existing wedding invites designs into animated e-vites as well. Just email us and we will work out the details together :) Pricing wise, it will be the same as these kids' e-vites :D

Let's help save Gaia together! We believe every small effort goes a long way.

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